LRI's 2,500-plus graduates are leaders in business, government, community outreach, the arts, and the media.


More than 2,800 Rhode Islanders have graduated from Leadership Rhode Island programs since the Alpha class in 1981; and they keep coming, in ever-growing classes. Alumni can be found in all corners of the state, holding leadership roles in business, government, and nonprofit organizations, serving in elective positions and volunteering time, expertise, and financial support to more than 300 Rhode Island charitable agencies. Bonded through their LRI experience, they share a commitment to making Rhode Island a better community.

LRI is committed to supporting its amazing network of alumni by sponsoring community discussions, offering networking events, promoting continued education and encouraging civic engagement.

Dues Membership

Each year, Leadership Rhode Island asks its graduates to join and support our collective efforts by becoming dues-paying members of the alumni association. Investing in LRI ensures that we continue to offer valuable experiences for those who follow.

Dues-paying membership demonstrates pride in affiliation with LRI and represents a continuing commitment to help steward our state by nurturing new thoughtful and effective leaders year after year.


Leadership Rhode Island has held over 150 alumni events & enhancements since 2011:

35+ Tours and “Behind the Scenes” Looks

30+ Leadership Chats, Discussion Forums, and Focus Groups

30+ Social Events, Parties, and Meet Ups

30+ Core Program Enhancements

15 Jeffersonian Dinners

14 Publick Occurrences

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